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Product Review | NEW Insulated Venture Bucket Pack Pro (6-gallon), Marlin Camo (PFG-VBPP-MAR)

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We just couldn't leave "well enough" alone. Our original insulated Venture Bucket Pack was such a success, we decided to improve on it even further. Introducing the new Venture Bucket Pack Pro. This pack has all the features a fisherman or...
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New England

The Perfect Bottom Fishing Pack

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Can’t wait to test it out this year. I tend to carry more then what’s needed for a hike out fishing trip and this thing was exactly what I was looking for. Needed something that could serve as a cooler but portable enough to lug on trips without having to carry it by hands. The bucket is attachable from the bag so after a trip you can just pull it out to wash instead of having to take all your gear out of the backpack to wash the entire thing. The materials look strong and sturdy and there are plenty of space on the side pockets for whatever you bring along. I only wish that the lid cushion had a simple notch or strap somewhere sown on the side so I could put a carabiner clip on and clip it to one of the D-rings when the lid is not in use or not secured on the top when traveling because sometimes you may come back with some game or fish and the lid may need to come off to fit everything. Plus it would be nice for them to design a divider for the bucket like a simple smaller lid that can go inside the bucket so you can for example keep your catch separated from any gear that you might pack for your trip. All and all a nice product. I’ve been searching for something like this for the longest time because other packs that I take out just couldn’t do what I wanted. Showed it to another fishing buddy and he’s gonna get one too. Once I take this out on trips I know a few other guys will probably get one or something similar as well. I might get another one later down the line for when I take visitors and friends from out of state on fishing trips. Tight lines everybody and I will see you all out in the water -ST-

Reviews 1-1 of 1